Monday, March 18, 2013

PERIOD 4C/5A: Autobiography / Biography Book Report -- English 10

1.Read an autobiography or biography of at least 100 pages at or above your reading level.


2.Give the following information:

·Book Title:
·Biography or Autobiography of:

3.Write one paragraph each (three total) answering the following questions:

    • Early Years and Accomplishments: Write what you have learned about the person’s early years. How did these childhood experiences influence the person’s achievements as an adult? What were this person’s main accomplishments?
    • Goals, Success, and Influence : Describe the goals of this person. Do you think this person was successful? Why or why not? What factors influenced this person’s achievements? What influence did this person have on the community, the country, or the world?
    • Your Opinions: What is your opinion of this person’s life and accomplishments? Would you recommend this biography or autobiography to others? Why or why not?
4.Finally, write a two to three sentence response to another person’s book report comment.

This assignment is due by Friday, March 22, 2013.


  1. Tittle:never die easy
    author:walter payton with don yaeger
    biography of: walter payton
    published by: villard books

    In Walter paytons early years he was known as the best football player in highschool and at practice none of his teammates could tackle him.

    Walter payton was very successful he was and is still known as the best runing back in the nfl. his nickname became sweetness because of how good he ran the ball.

    Walter payton is an idol to me because he was a great team leader and a great person he would donate to charaties. He didnt play the sport for fame he played because he loved football. it sad that he died early because of a liver problem

    1. i think you did a nice job covering some good facts about walter payton. however it should have been longer and more detail at the least. Still, overall, nice job.

    2. walter peyton is one of the greatest players ever. I don't like the Bears that much but I am fan of walter peyton and always will be

    3. You are absolutely right, Walter Peyton is one of the best ever. And I also think its really sad that he died before his time.

  2. Kevin Durant was born on the outside of the nation's capital, in Suitland, Maryland, on September 29, 1988.
    One of four children of Wanda and Wayne Pratt, Durant grew up loving sports with his sister, Brianna, and two brothers, Anthony (also a basketball player) and Rayvonne.
    His grandmother, Barbara, was a strong influence, telling him that his height was a blessing, even though schoolmates teased him for always being the tallest in class.

    Durant's success started with the PG Jaguars, an Amateur Athletic Union youth basketball team in Prince George's County, Maryland. This team won two national championships with Durant's assistants. To this day, Durant wears the number 35 jersey in honor of Charles Craig, his AAU coach and childhood mentor, who died at the age of 35.

    During high school, Durant grew seven inches, to his current height of 6'9". During that time, he played for the National Christian Academy and Montrose Christian School in Maryland, and for basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy, located in Virginia.
    After his senior year, he was named to Parade magazine's "First Team" list, and to USA Today's "First Team All-American" list, capturing attention from major college basketball recruiters nationwide.

    College Career

    Durant received offers from top Division one colleges, and although prompted by his friend, point guard Tywon Lawson, to join him and play with the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, Durant signed with the University of Texas Longhorns in Austin.
    Russell Springman, a Longhorn assistant and Maryland native, had been in touch with Durant since his freshman year of high school. As a Longhorn, Durant started in every game during his freshman year of college, averaging 25.8 points per game (first in the Big 12, fourth in the nation) and 11 rebounds per game in 35 games. He scored 20-plus points 30 times, and put up 30-plus points 11 times. He was named the Big 12 Tournament's Most Valuable Player after hitting a tournament record of 92 points and leading the Longhorns to the second round of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Men's Basketball Championship, where they lost to the University of Southern California.
    As a freshman, Durant received the Oscar Robertson and the Adolph F. Rupp awards, and was the first freshman to win both honors.

    After just one year of college basketball, Durant declared himself eligible for the 2007 NBA Draft. In June of that year, he was chosen second overall in the first round by the Seattle SuperSonics. Around that same time, Durant signed a $60 million, seven-year endorsement deal with Nike, a major deal at the time, exceeded only by LeBron James's Nike contract.
    Today Durant plays with the Oklahoma City Thunder and continues to wear the number 35.

  3. Title: The Story of Mark Twain
    Author: Peggy Caravantes
    Biography of: mark twain
    Publisher: Morgan Reynolds publishing

    When Mark Twain was a child he used to day dream of becoming a riverboat pilot. This never happened due to a day where he got caught sneaking onto a riverboat when and thrown off. He moved a little while after this incident to Kentucky where he met a friend named tom, whom was the neighborhood thief. He lost his drive for river boating. Soon later his thoughts turned him towards writing. He wrote the first book in typescript, and a numerous amount of books which he had won many awards for.

    Mark twain wanted to influence the world around him. I think he definitely succeeded in that effort. He has changed the writing world and has sparked many different feelings in the heart of people around the world. Manley by his piece “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn” during the scourge of racism.

    I recommend this to other because it is very detailed and covers all the aspects of Mark Twain. Why miss an opportunity to read a book about one of the greatest authors who ever lived? If you don’t like to read very complex work though I don’t recommend this to you, but if you don’t have a problem reading between the lines you should definitely read this.

  4. Eli Manning The Making of a Quarterback
    Ralph Vacchiano
    Eli Manning
    SkyHorse Publishing

    Eli Manning's Father Archie Manning played in the NFL. His Father played for the New Orleans Saints. Also, his brother, Peyton plays for the Denver Broncos. Quite a few members of his family were quarterbacks. Eli grew up in a very sports driven family. Eli Manning has won 2 super bowl titles with the New York Giants. He was named MVP in both of those games. Eli attended the University of Ole Miss where he was then drafted by the San Diego Chargers. When he was drafted, the Chargers quickly traded Eli to the New York Giants in exchange for another quarterback, Phillip Rivers.

    Eli Manning is a winner. He is very successful. Anyone to win 2 super bowl titles and win MVP in both of those games is definitely a successful player. The influence that Eli has on the city of New York is good and bad at times. New York is so tough to play in. You are critiqued in every game and if you don't play well you will get destroyed by the media. When Eli won his super bowls there was nothing that the media could say because he brought a title to New York which is not an easy thing to do by any means.

    To be honest I really don't like Eli Manning, but I certainly respect what he has done with his NFL career. I like his brother Peyton a lot more then Eli; however, you cannot take away what Eli has done in his career. I certainly recommend this book for others to read.

    1. I really like to watch football, especially when it's the superbowl. Even though he is not my favorite at all, I still think that he is successful.

    2. Im a huge fan of football and i agree that he is a good quaterback

  5. Title: Tom Paine Voice of Revolution
    Author: Milton Meltzer
    Biography of: Thomas Paine
    Publisher: Franklin Watts

    Tom Paine was born with parents who were from very different classes. His mom was Anglicanism and his dad was Quakerism. He studied more onto his dad’s side. Quakers beliefs included pacifism, the opposition to war and violence, which had the greater influence in his life and work. As he gets older he would give speeches to the common people. Paine was noticed when he wrote, “Common Sense”. It was to make Americans realize that being independence and free from Britain was their true goal.

    I think that at the end he really met his goal and gained independence for our country. He really influenced America about his thoughts and about what is more important, knowledge. How he viewed the parts of where he was living influenced him. People were dying from plagues, poverty.

    I think that his life accomplishments really paid off. He had really difficult times like his first wife died of giving birth with the baby and being jobless. He deserves every credit that was needed. Also, he gave our country hope and making us realize that independence is at the tip of your tongue and you just need to make a move to achieve. I would recommend this biography.

  6. Dwayne McAlister
    Hour 4c
    English 10
    Michael Jordan Biography
    Title: Michael Jordan: A Biography
    Author: David Porter
    Biography of: Michael Jordan
    Publisher: Greenwood Press

    Michael Jeffery Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn New York. At the age of 6 he moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. At an early age he showed everyone around him that he was competitive at anything he did. When he first started playing basketball he would always get beaten. But one day his dad told him, “It’s not about winning or losing, its about the love of the game”. So from that day forward, he decided to just love the game and let winning take its place.

    Michael Jordan had one big goal in life, and that was to play in the NBA. From the first time he picked up a basketball, he always told himself that he was going to make it, and he did. His goals were successful because the proof was in his playing. A big factor that contributed to his success was his brother, James. James introduced Michael to the game, and taught him everything he knew. Michael Jordan’s influence on the world was extraordinary. He was basically the man that everybody looked up to in times of sorrow. Some people say that seeing Michael play would make your day a whole lot better.

    I believe that Michael Jordan has had one of the best lives lived on this earth. He has influenced the world, not only with basketball, but with shoes and knew ideas. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is willing to learn about his life. It inspired me and I hope it will inspire you.

  7. All reports above have been graded. No new comments (reports) or responses may be added for credit. To turn-in a late assignment, see Mr. Dawursk.

  8. Title: Bart Star When Leadership mattered
    Author: David Claerbaut
    Biography of Bart Star
    Published: Taylor Trade Publishing

    Bart Star started playing football his sophomore year in high school as a quarterback. He quit after two weeks. When his father found out he gave him the option to either work or play football, so he picked football. The next year his junior year he started and led his team to an undefeated season. His senior year he was named All-State and All-American player and received a football scholarship. His college career was successful and he was drafted to the packers in the 17th round.

    Bart Star was one of the most successful quarter backs in NFL history. He Was 5x NFL Champion, 4x pro bowler, 2x Super Bowl Champion and more. The packers had some of their best years with him. He changed the game for them. If the packers never drafted him I do not think they would have ever made a name for themselves.

    I think he was one of the best. I wish he was my generation of football players so I could see him play. Considering on how good the packers are doing now, if he was on the team I think they would be unbeatable.