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Literature Analysis Blog: Period 4C/5A

Literature Analysis Blog: Due by Friday, January 11, 2013.

First: For your title, state the name of the book and the author.

Second: You will write a six paragraph literature analysis. Each of the following topic areas are required in your “blog” analysis. Write at least one paragraph on each of the topics:

  • Plot Summary
  • Characterization
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • Theme
  • Point of View and Style
Finally: For full credit and after submitting your blog, read at least one other person’s analysis and make a two to three sentence comment. You are expected to use good grammar and spelling, so maybe type it in Microsoft Word before pasting and publishing it to the blog.

Note: If your blog is over 4500 characters, you will have to split it into two blogs, part one and part two.

Here is a break down on each topic:

Plot summary: The plot is a brief but thorough summary of the story. You should exhibit knowledge of the five stages of the plot in your summary (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution).

Characterization: The characters in the story are the people or animals that author uses to represent various events and actions. When discussing the characters, please, identify their physical traits and personality attributes and explain how each of them interrelates amongst one another in the story.

Setting: The setting of a story is usually represented by its depiction of time and place. While the author may state the original settings in the story, it is important that readers know that there could be various settings in the story as well. The expressions of events and actions do change from place to place and time to time.

Conflict: The conflicts that occur in a literary work are usually expressed as internal or external. Conflicts are the problems that the characters have as they interrelate amongst one another, and as they express their inner thoughts and feelings in a story. Please, make sure that you identify the internal and external conflicts in your story analysis; and make sure that you use references from the story to support your points.

Theme: What is the universal meaning that the story provides you? How do you explain the fact that you have gotten the message in the story? A theme is usually the universal message or idea that is identified by the reader or audience. In stating the theme of a story, you should be able to express how much meaning and impact that the story had on you. A story may have as many themes as possible; however, you should choose one theme that you can fully discuss, using evidence from the story.
The following two topics can be combined into one paragraph:

Point of view: The point of view of a story is usually the angle from which the author tells his or her story. It is usually expressed in either the first person, second person, or third person.
  • In the first person point of view, the author or narrator tells his or her story; it is mostly used in autobiographical or eyewitness reports.
  • The second person point of view is rarely used in narratives.
  • The third person point of view can be expressed in either third person limited or omniscient.
    • In the third person limited, the narrator is usually not included as a character in the story. He or she is detached from the story; however, he or she is able to narrate the story based on what can be determined from one character in the story.
    • In the third person omniscient, the character is fully involved in the story. He or she is able to see everything that is going on in the minds of the characters and is able to tell the movement of the characters as they progress from stage to stage.
Style: The manner in which an author expresses himself or herself in writing.
  • The language that the authors use to convey their thoughts. What kinds of words are used? Do you find them too lofty and difficult to understand? Do you find them easy to read? How are the words arranged?
  • Figurative language. Is there lots of imagery? Is there flashback and foreshadowing used? Are there lots of literary devices used?
  • What are the structure and organization of writing? Is it in letter form, does it have paragraphs separating main ideas? Are there lots of dialogues or just one long straight narrative? What does the title of the story tell you about what to expect?
  • What Kind of grammar is used? What punctuation style do the authors use?


  1. Part:1

    Torment by: Lauren Kate

    This novel is the second book of the Fallen series. In this book Luce is moved to another boarding school with angels, and is told she is not allowed to do anything Daniel (her fallen angel boyfriend) says she may not do. She meets new friends named Miles, Shelby, and other minor people. She starts special classes and learns more and more about angel history and how everything came to be. Luce begins experimenting with announcers, who are creatures that can hold memories that are black masses that can fly. She learns how to read the memories in the announcers and looks at past life’s she’s had and old parents and family. Luce starts rebelling against what her teachers and Daniel have told her about not messing with the announcers and going outside the school grounds. She learns to travel through the announcers with her friends, to different times and places. She gets in trouble for it and is grounded to her room, but eventually is left to go to her parents for Thanksgiving though. During this whole time Luce was at school, Daniel and Cam are trying to kill other fallen angels who are after Luce. They’re doing this because there will be a large war against angels for Luce. Luce doesn’t know this, but she finds out at Thanksgiving. All her friends decide to go to Luce’s parents with her because they have nowhere else to go. While everyone is at Luce’s house her parents go to walk the dog, and then all of a sudden some of the other fallen angels spot her and start fighting. No one gets hurt on Luce’s side, but a lot of the outcasts (other fallen angels) die. Eventually the outcasts go away but Luce was so confused, so stressed, so despite. Even before all the outcasts were out of sight, all Luce’s friends saw her open an announcer and jump into it. Now all her friends are left to try to go find her and save her before her parents find out.

    Luce is the main character, she is seventeen, a regular teenager, and she has short black hair. Luce has been very shy from the last novel but in this book she becomes ore out going, and thinking for herself. She starts rebelling, questioning everything, and creating her own world, not just going with it. Her boyfriend is Daniel, he is a fallen angel. He is tall, fit, not super short hair, but just over his eye browns. He is very stubborn by not taking no for an answer and keeping lots of secrets. But Luce’s crush is Miles. He is an angel but a very water downed angel, so she can relate to him the most at school. He has tons of emotions and he really opens up to Luce all the time. Also her second closest friend is Shelby, who is half angel. Shelby is Luce’s roommate; she has long brown hair and pretty green eyes. She is rough and tough by pushing Luce a lot.

    This story takes place in many locations. The main location is the school. The school is located by an ocean, very nice climate, and very preppy. There is a nice beach through a trail of woods. The school is very nice and easy going with few rules. Another location is her dorm room that Luce shares with Shelby. They have bunk beds, where Luce sleeps on top. They have their own bathroom, micro wave, dressers, and a nice window with a ledge. The story takes place in modern times, so cell phones and computers can be accessed.

    1. I heard the fallen books were really good! By reading this the book sounded interesting. I need to read one of those.

    2. This book sounds very good and interesting. I might have to read it sometime.

    3. that sounds very interesting even though I do not like books in series. I think I may read one soon.

  2. Part:2

    The main external problem is man vs. man dealing with Daniel and Cam having to kill outcasts for Luce’s sake, and keeping Luce safe. But at the same Luce was having an internal conflict with herself, she didn’t know what to do with her infatuation with Miles and how she feels about herself. She wants to do what she wants with her life instead of taking orders from others, and she doesn’t want to be what everyone thinks what she should be. Besides that there are not any other conflicts.

    This story could have many themes but I believe the main theme is to be who you want to be, and make your own path of destiny. Because throughout the whole book Luce is trying to find herself and be herself, and towards the end of the book does she actually not care what anyone thinks. She starts thinking for herself and making her own opinions and decisions. And most people today just try to be in the popular crowd and make everyone else happy but themselves. This is a issue, and I believe that’s what Lauren Kate tries to portray in this novel.

    This novel is in first person. The book refers to “I” and “My” a lot and doesn’t explain what everyone else is thinking. It’s only what Luce is feeling, thinking, and seeing. There is a lot of similes, one of my favorites is “ had sunk into her bones, like an illness.” Lauren Kate conveys readers with Luce’s thoughts. She uses Luce’s thoughts as a way to explain her own thoughts. This book is very descriptive by saying things such as “As the bleak moon was sinking behind the trees were like a wall that separated her between her dreams and reality.” The pages were in paragraph for, and there was a chapter for each day in this novel, compared to the regular chapters in her previous book. There is dialog, and she makes it known what she is feeling during dialog.

    1. I have never read any of the fallen books before. I might start to they kind of sound intresting. Might have to check one out sometime

    2. I have been wanted to read the first series and to read that you've read the second book now I'm even more interested than before. I will have to check it out soon.

    3. By reading your blog, it sounds like you are really into the book the Fallen. I never read it but it sounds like it can be a really good book.

  3. The story that I read was called Hoops of Steel by John Foley.
    Jackson is the main character. Thaddeus Fly is the best basketball player in the area. The climax is when Jackson and Thaddeus meet head to head on the court and are battling it out. rising action is when Jackson sees that he has to play Thaddeus's team on the schedule. The falling action is Thaddeus destroys Jackson and his team and win the game easily. Exposition is that Jackson and his team go back to work and get better as a team. The resolution is that Jackson and his team play Thaddeus again and win by a small amount.
    The Two main characters are Jackson and Thaddeus. Jackson is main character if the whole story. Jackson is a good player but needs improvement. Jackson is not the smartest guy either. He makes mistakes off the court witch almost costs him friends and a girl. Thaddeus is the best basketball player in the area. Everyone tries to be like Thaddeus. He has scholarships to almost every elite program. Thaddeus can do everything on the court.
    The setting of the story is on the basketball court and in school. Off the court there are a lot of incidents that happen, mostly with Jackson and other kids. On the court is where most of the action happens. All the games are happening and that where Jacksons love is. The stands are usually packed when the games are happening.
    There are to conflicts in this story. First, Jackson has problems off the court with his decisions. Those decisions almost cost him a girl ad friends. Also, the team didn't want him in the starting lineup. That almost cots him a scholarship. The other one is that Jackson is not as good as Thaddeus Fly. Jackson and his team loses to Thaddeus badly when they play and Thaddeus pretty much embarrassed Jackson when they were matched up against each other.
    I felt like this story had a little impact on me. One way is that I feel like everyone deserves a second chance. If you keep working hard on something all that hard work will pay off eventually. This book in a way inspires me to work harder with everything that I do. I feel like if you read this book, it will inspire you in some kind of way.
    This story is definitely first person. There is a narrator telling the story. The narrator describes everything that is happening and all the events. The style was easy to read. The vocabulary wasn't anything difficult. I recommend this book to sport fans. Also to people that want to be inspired by something. I really liked this book and would read it again

    1. This book sounds very interesting. I might have to read it sometime.

    2. Will your novel sounds very interesting because of how us people deal with daily problems. Nobody is perfect in this world and Jackson makes mistakes in this book. Everyone should deserve second chances because its fair for evreryone. I mighht have to read it's getting my attention because I love novels about sports.

    3. Will i like the books you read. I like basketball too. We should read together sometimes.

    4. i think this book looks really intersting. i like the fact that it is about basketball and it catches my attention right away.

  4. I read the book Safe by Susan Shaw. In the following paragraphs I am going to talk about the Plot Summary, Characterization, Setting, Conflict, Theme, Point of View and Style of the book.

    In the beginning of the story it explains about Tracy’s moms’ death. Tracy was really close to her mom. She loved her warmth and the way she sang to her. After her mom past away she used the song as something that saves her through anything bad that happens. It was the last day of school when Tracy and her best friend Caroline were talking home. Caroline would always enter her house before Tracy would enter hers. As Tracy was walking to her house an orange car pulled up by her and took her. Tracy was raped by a guy named Burgess Newman. He left her in the street beat up after he was finished with her. She was very traumatized. She wouldn’t go anywhere with her friends if her father wasn’t with her. She hated going to Mr. Thurston’s office, her therapist, because she hated talking about it. She believed that she was fine and nothing was wrong with her. As time past by she realized that she cant have her dad around her all the time and she had to let go of all the bad things that had happened to her. The resolution of this story was that she got her mom back towards the end of the book. She can sing the song and feel that she is safe again.

    The main character of this story was Tracy. She was very outgoing and adventurous. She was the one who got raped. She trapped herself in her own would. It was just her and her dad in that world. Her dad was very outgoing. He was also a busy man. He understood how his daughter felt. Even though the mom past away in the beginning of the story, she had a huge role in the book. She was Tracy’s shield. Caroline was Tracy’s best friend. She was a very jolly girl and she loved Tracy very much. She obeyed the fact that Tracy wanted to be alone but she tried to be with her as much as possible. Burgess Newman was the boy that raped Tracy. He was 19 years of age and he was a big bully back in high school. He was tall, strong and really hairy. He scar Tracy for life. Mrs. Lawrence was Tracy’s piano teacher. She was smart and quiet. Tracy didn’t like playing the piano until after she got raped. Mrs. Lawrence did the best she could to have Tracy come more often.

    The setting of the beginning of the book was the last day of school. The setting of the book in the middle of the book was during the summer. The setting of the book in the ending of the story was the first day of school. In the beginning of the story was when Tracy was a happy girl until she was raped on her last day of school. In the middle of the story she was trapped. She didn’t want to talk to anyone other than her dad. She wanted to be home all the time. In the end of the story Tracy realized that she had to start living her life again and enjoy it.

    The conflict of this book was Tracy getting raped. It affected everyone in her life. It affected her dad because he wanted to be there with her every second of the day and miss work. It affected her best friend because she felt like she lost Tracy. Tracy would take all her anger out on her. It also affected Burgess Newman because he was sent to prison. But most of all it affect her. She carried the night of her getting raped in her mind all the time.

    I think the message in this story was that you can get through hard situations. I got the message very clearly. Through out the book Tracy was getting better and better. I realized that a lot of people go through things. You can’t keep holding bad things that you have been through in you head all the time. You waste your life if you just want to stay home and do absolutely nothing like Tracy did.

    This book was mostly third person limited point of view because the author of this book isn’t in this story but you can tell she knew what she was talking about with the main character, Tracy. She focused on her and her thoughts through out the story. She described the little details and feeling when in came to Tracy.

    1. The book sound good I'm going to see if its in the library

  5. Superfan by: Jeff Gottesfeld

    Paragraph 1: Plot Summary
    Shawn Reynolds had never liked the WWE, but he had to when his parents got Shawn’s brother three tickets to RAW in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. His brother, Peter, had just turned ten years old, and he absolutely loved WWE. Shawn was actually getting interested in one of the matches, but then it ended. There was an advertisement on the Jumbo-Tron saying that any person between twelve and thirteen could enter a contest called SuperFan. They would send video’s of themselves to WWE, and they would watch them all and then would pick four finalists. The winner would carry the WWE Championship to the ring for the main event at WrestleMania. Peter was ecstatic, and he wanted to enter, but he was too young. Shawn was not. However, Shawn was not interested in entering the contest. The next morning, he walked into the kitchen and saw his mom and dad looking gloomy. Shawn asked what was wrong, and his dad said that he had to go to Afghanistan, because he was in the army reserves and they needed him. This made Shawn a little sad, worried, and mad. It also made Shawn want to enter the SuperFan contest. He sent in a video, and he would have to wait for a while before they would be done viewing the videos. It took a while, but one day, the doorbell rang. Shawn opened the door and said, “Hi”, cautiously. The man said, “Are you Shawn Reynolds?” Shawn got a little nervous, and said, “Mom, can you come here quickly?” He went to get his mom, and when they returned, Rey Mysterio was on the doorstep also. Shawn, Peter, and his mom opened their mouth wide, and stood in shock for a while. The man said that Shawn was a finalist and he would go to the WrestleMania arena and the four finalists would do a number of contests until there is only one standing. When Shawn got the hotel, he was shocked at how big it was. After he was done, he went with Rey Mysterio, his mentor, to work out and exercise. Shawn got tired quickly, but didn’t give up. The next morning, they went to the WrestleMania arena to have the first contest. It was an obstacle course. Shawn was in last the whole time, but passed the third person at the last second to finish third. The second contest was they had to maintain their balance on a hydraolics trampoline and then to draw a good sign. Shawn finished first, and advanced. The final contest was to answer one question about each of their mentors. Shawn his correctly and he became the SuperFan. He would carry John Cena’s belt to the ring for WrestleMania. Shawn carried the belt out for John Cena, and after John Cena won, his dad came out of the entrance, and surprised by giving him a huge hug.

    Paragraph 2: Characterization
    Shawn Reynolds is a chubby boy, but he has a lot of heart. He’s smart in school, but he gets stage fright easily. Peter is a small, ten year old boy who loves the WWE. Shawn’s dad also loves WWE and is an army reserve. Rey Mysterio is Shawn’s mentor. John Cena is the WWE Champion.

    Paragraph 3: Setting
    Shawn’s home is where the story started off at. WrestleMania was also a setting where Shawn carried the WWE Championship to the ring for John Cena, and also had his three contests.

    Paragraph 4: Conflict
    The conflict in this book is when the four finalists are all fighting for a chance to become SuperFan. There is also conflict between John Cena and the challenger.

    Paragraph 5: Theme
    The author is trying to get the reader to get themselves out there by talking in front of people more easily, and to try to always be your own person.

    Paragraph 6: Point of View and Style
    This book mostly uses the third person point of view. The style of this book was very easy to read. The author didn’t use any hard words or anything.

  6. Flags of Our Fathers
    James Bradley
    Flags of Our Fathers is about the memories of Iwo Jima. A man named John Bradley was James father. John went to Iwo Jima and he also died there. John also rose the flag along with 6 others. Later on James Bradley, his son found a letter from his father. The letter was written to his fathers parents while he was still in Iwo Jima. The rising action in this story is when the flags in JIma are raised by 6 people. There names are Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, John Bradley, and Harlon Block. During all of this there was a very hard hit on the attack of Pearl Harbor. This made a huge impact on the economy and peace between the countries. After this happened they had to get the Americans involved which would fix the problems.

    The charters in the story Flags of Our fathers set the moods of the story by either helping out of even making the story very interesting. John Bradley was enlisted in the Navy but was sent to the Marines. John was a catholic and he had died by a stroke in 1994. Charles Kulak was the major in the Marine Corps and had a lot of power. Charles took James and his family to go and visit the site of Iwo Jima. Rene Gagon was one of the flag risers at Iwo Jima. Rene is a very handsome man with a lean face and dark hair. However Harlon Block also took place In the flag rising and his face in the photograph of the flag rising is unidentified. Harlan played football in high school and later on people called him a star. Most of the charters in the story helped with the flag rising or who was involved in it. Franklin Sousley was killed at Iwo Jima and was also involved in the flag rising. Franklin was a humorous kind of guy but also a good student at the same time. Last but not least Mike Strank died in Iwo Jima and was named a leader. Mike was also a catholic and he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps before he had enlisted.

    This story take place after World War II and how the six flag risers met. When they rose this flag this ment they got victory. The photograph is very famous and there are some statues that are in Washington Dc to represent there victory. Some people say the photograph shows bravery, courage, and respect. The people that raised this flag are still honored every memorial day because they are our heroes. After Iwo Jima the survivors came back to the U.S from the presidents request to earn money for the Bond Tour. The Bond Tour was to raise money for bonds for the public to help with the money on war.

  7. Part Two
    Flags of Our Fathers gives a good understanding on how they helped us gain peace. The men who raised this flag had confidence and pride in there goal. The flag that was raised In Iwo Jim was very important because it was during World War II and it represented thousands of publications. This image today is one of the United States most recognizable images of all time. This story has a lot of meaning to me because it explains why were trying to gain peace during World War II. However the flag that was raised was the American flag which symbolized our country. In the story it talks about how 6 men went into Iwo Jima and they came up with a mission. This mission was to get the American flag on top of Mountain Suribachi which was the highest point on the island. Today this event is still celebrated and monuments are made to show how are soldiers gave there lives up for us.

    The style of wording used in this book is very percise. Each sentence used in etiher 1st,2nd, or 3rd person point of view. During the sotry is explains how James describes how he found the letter in his fathers pocket. When he found this letter he described what it meant and how he felt. However in this sotyr some of the parts are very sad because there are some people in the story that pass away. Flags of Our Fathers uses very descriptive words and gets the readers attention.

  8. Until We Meet Again by: Anne Schraff

    Until We Meet Again is about a girl name Darcy. She faces challenges that she who couldn't handle well herself. First of all, her dad disappeared for five years and suddenly appeared again and said that he will try to work things out with her mother again. After a week or so, they moved out of their apartment and moved into their new home. Then Hakeem, Darcy’s boyfriend told her that his dad was unable to work long hours since the chemotherapy treatments so his dad’s brother offered his dad a job in Detroit and that they will move there. After Hakeem was about to leave, there is this other boy who enters her life that have the sense of danger. His name is Brian and he is older than Darcy. Brian got another girl pregnant and that is why Brian’s sister keeps on telling Darcy that he is nothing but trouble. By babysitting Brian’s sister’s daughter she would see Brian from time to time. She started to get comfortable with Brian. Then, one day Brian told Darcy to come over and Darcy did, which she lied to her father that she was only going there to babysit. Brian started to hit on her and finally Darcy saw what kind of person he really is. By that time Darcy’s father was banging on the door and it startled him. Her father took her home and was really angry that he has no trust in her daughter anymore. Later, Darcy’s grandmother passed away and she learned that her grandmother had taught her the most important thing; love is greater than any mistakes we make. Also, Hakeem was able to make it to the funeral to support Darcy.

    Darcy was a caring person to her grandmother because ever since her father left them, her grandmother was always the one who made sure they were fed and the one who made sure that they finished their homework. Darcy knows whenever she makes mistakes and that she will not earned the trust from his father easily. She also likes to hang out with her friends name Tarah and Cooper. She would always talk about Hakeem and wonder if Brian is in her life by coincidence or on purpose.

    The setting in the beginning was taking place at the Bluford High School. Another place is where Darcy babysits and it is also the place where Brian lives. The scenes also took place during the summer.

    There were basically four conflicts and they are when Darcy’s father came back after disappearing for five years, when Hakeem had to move because of his father’ problem with job, when Darcy’s father lost the trust in her, and when her grandmother deceased.

    The theme that had a really impact on me is that you should never lie to your parents. I would hate to lose my parents trust. I think that Darcy did make a big mistake going to Brian’s place and she shouldn’t have gone there because she never really knew who he is. It really impacts high school girls now because there are just more and more girls getting pregnant and if they don’t have the support then it will be horrible for them.

    The point of view is in third person. This book caught my attention immediately from when I started reading and it can relate to any girls out there. It was really easy to read this book and the words were understandable. I really recommend this book to people who really like to read books.

  9. Catching Fire
    By: Suzanne Collins

    The book starts off describing how Katniss is dealing with the tool of being in the Hunger Games. In district 12, now everything is different, ever since she took out the berries in the first book. Her relationships are changing with Gale and also with Peeta, seeing as she still has to be an "item". Haymitch tells Katniss that in order for her and Peeta to stay alive then they must fake a love affair that even convinces President Snow. For the 75th annual Hunger Games, it is stated that 2 tributes, one male and one female, must go back into the arena, which means Katniss is returning. And either Peeta or Haymitch along with her. Throughout the rest of the book you are shown the troubles of the arena and how Katniss and the other triutes face each task, and how she continues to go against the capital.

    Katniss is a teenage girl about the age of 16 or 17 and she is faced to grow up much earlier than most children, due to the fact that she has to continue to provide for her family any way possible. She has long dark brown hair that she wears in a certain braid everyday. she has grey eyes and olive
    skin. As you know Katniss is very good with the bow. Peeta is also a main character and is currently in a "relationship" with Katniss. He is around the same agae as Katniss, and has to do some growing up. Peeta has blonde hair and a strong built. He faces many challenges throughout this book, and he truly does have feelings for Katniss. Gale is Katniss' bestfriend and he too has olive skin and grey eyes. He helps to keep Katniss' family alive while she is away. He is 18 years old. And has to take care of many people, not only himself, Katniss' family, but his own. We are given the impression that Gale has feelings for Katniss, so there is one big "love trianlge". Another main character is Haymitch, Peeta's and Katniss' mentor from the Hunger Games, he is a drunk. He drinks to forget about the arena and only thinks about himself and wants to look out for himself. He sleeps with a knife and is quick to react to many situations. He favors Katniss and beieves she is strong enough to prove through any stituation.

    Catching Fire has many settings. Like District 12, or the Capital, or the new arena. This story is supposed to take place in the future when all of hummanity is supposed to be almost endangered. Distict 12 is a run down place with very poor people. And is known for coal minning. Where as the Capital has many rich people and many nice things. All of the other Districts make items to keep the Capital weathly. In the arena it is shaped like a clock. with the outter edge full of sand and there are platforms in the middle also made of sand, but everyting that is in between the different lands of sand is water. And at each different time there is a new horror that appears around that certain time. For example, at 10, there is a huge wave that floods the beach. The arena is where most of the story takes place.

    The main conflict in this story is between the people and freedom from the Capital rule. The Capital is becoming more and more corrupt to stay in power and the people are getting sick of it and believes there is a better way to restore power. There is a struggle for freedom. and that out ways Katniss' personal issues such as the whole Gale and Peeta triangle.

    There is a theme of Admiration. The people of Panem admire the tributes who win the Hunger Games. The tributes, called victors, become national celebrities. It seems like the more vicious they are in the arena, the more celebrated they become once they've survived it.

    The point of view is 1st person because Katniss explains her side of the story and you read about the stuff that she goes through. Collins uses a very easy read and it is aimed towards younger adults and younger teens.

  10. the book i read was lone wolf by Jodi Picult.

    It starts off by telling you what is going on, switching people to show their point of view and how they feel,and also what has happened in the past.

    the setting is in a small town hospital, court room and park that has wolves in it.

    Cara is a head strong teen who cares for her father deeply, feels out of place when she is with her mother, step father, and half siblings who are twins. her brother left home at 18 to keep his fathers secret, but Cara felt like he left because of her actions. she never got over the fact that he left and never tried to make any contact.

    The meaning this story brings to me is sometimes doing what you think is right is the hardest decision and thing you have to do. Also you should always be nice to your family because someday you may need them for something.

    this is in third person omniscent. everybody is telling their side of the storybut Cara is the main story teller.

  11. The story is set in the mid-eighteenth century in Scotland. David Balfour is a boy who sets out in the world to seek his fortune and undergoes hardship and danger in his travels but returns as a man to claim his rightful inheritance. Planning to cheat him of his inheritance, David’s uncle had him kidnapped. David strikes a friendship with Alan Breck, a fleeing Jacobite leader, who happens to be on the same ship as David.

    At sea, David and Alan become comrades and go through quite a few adventures. There are many suspenseful events like sea battles and perilous chases across the Scottish halls. As John Senior puts it, Kidnapped is a "bonny good adventure, it transports a colonial American boy back to his ancestral highlands and the Scottish honor, poverty, audacity, hilarity and spunk that still flows in his blood."

    The story is rooted in realism in a way that, for instance, Treasure Island or Ivanhoe is not. Stevenson’s knowledge of his country is based on observation. The accounts of some events such as the account of being washed ashore near Iona has almost a documentary immediacy fascinating to the reader.
    The teacher will be able to give to the students some very interesting historical background on the Jacobite wars and the fight of the valiant Scottish Highlanders for the cause of the Stuart Catholic heir to the throne, "Bonnie Prince Charlie."
    Robert Louis Stevenson was brought up a Presbyterian but as a man of fire and compassion, was drawn to the Stuart cause. David Balfour, a Protestant is attracted by Alan Breck. The Stuart cause is not explicitly supported but shown as gallant and self-sacrificing.
    It is very interesting to compare the two main characters and to show both their defects and their virtues. David Balfour can be a bit dour, but he has his qualities. Alan Breck is vain and quarrelsome, but also has good points.
    Kidnapped says as much about Stevenson as any autobiography. In David Balfour and Alan Breck "he gives substance to two sides of his own character, adventurer and rationalist, man of duty and man of passion, restless traveler with a mountain of Calvinist baggage to shoulder."
    More profoundly, Stevenson writes about two conflicting cultures within Scottish history which have become two deeply battling sets of sympathies within himself: The mercantile Lowland Hanoverian, law abiding and rational and the adventurous Highland Jacobite, romantic and sentimental. Deeper still, there is the conflict between the Protestant and Catholic cultures.

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  13. PART ONE:

    The book I read is called Skin, by Rick Jasper. The book in short is about a boy named Nick Berry. He's much of a loner. To pass time Nick hangs out at an old stone well in the woods behind his house. He claims feeling drawn to the well. Having no friends, Nick is depressed. Even his mom looks past him unless she's complaining about her problems, that she feels is caused by Nick. Nick also attends Bridgewater high school, where he's picked on daily. Actually that's where our story begins.
    Nick starts having major breakouts on his face, causing him to be even more of a target for the big bully Jack Stenson. As nick is defending a fellow loner, he gets in an altercation with Stenson and is sent to the principle, Butch Backstreet. Who also happens to be a huge jerk, in your face, ex-military man. As he's scolding Nick, Nick begins to feel an uncontrollable anger, rage. As he's ready to snap Blackstreet's neck, they are interrupted and nick is sent home for the week. But that's just the beginning of Nick's anger.
    A day passes and Nick goes to the doctor for his skin, acne or so they think. While he's there the doctor listens to his heart beat, but hears something he's never herd before. A screaming, the screaming of suffering people inside Nick. He also has x-rays taken of Nick to ensure these 'pimples' aren't a serious disease, considering they look like blisters, burns. As Nick takes his shirt off for the X-ray, the doctor also notices faint scratches. Nick pawns that off by saying the scratches are from his cat, Toby. But Toby has been afraid of Nick and hissing at him for weeks.
    The one person who keeps an eye on Nick, an eye on everybody is Emma Costillo. An old catholic women, who believes Nicks skin acne is deeper then hormones. She believes there is an evil inside Nick trying to take him over. Giving him holy water and sending a priest over to talk to Nick about a boy Luke Todd who also experienced the same thing and ended up hanging himself. Turns out this boy Luke went through the exact same thing, from nightmares to scared animals to horrible rages he couldn't explain. He had nightmares of skinned people hanging dead from the trees and fire all around at the same well Nick visits. Turns out Emma Costillo is right about her suspicions of Nick being possessed.

  14. PART TWO:
    As the priest talks to nick his doctor shows up to check on his skin, along with his wife, Tara. The priest and all of them start to talk about the things happening and realize this is much deeper then acne. Near the end of the book, Tara is helping nick get through his ordeal. They even meet with a man who studies local history and discover the well is a gateway, with a horrible past that leads to hell. Terns out at that at that well in about 1670 there was a horrible assassination of many. At this time, people were coming from all over to settle. Puritans, native Americans, and non-puritans were settling together. The natives didn't mind but Puritans hated the non-puritans. So much that they decided to kill to show there religion justice. The idea was to frame the native Americans so the puritans were very barbaric about the killing. Skinning 50+ people alive, hanging them from the tops of trees, and lighting fire for them to roast alive.
    About a day before this information was discovered, Jack Stenson was found brutally murdered in his bed early in the morning and all suspicions lead to Nick considering the altercation, blood an scratches all over Nicks body. So he runs, runs to that well. As he's out there something un-earthly begins to occur. A demon, Al, emerges from the well, which is a gateway to hell and begins to hurt and try to officially, take Nick over. As this is happening Tara comes running up with Zac (skin doctor) knowing this is where Nick would most likely be. They all witness Al coming from hell to seek revenge on the world. At that moment Nick remembered the holy water Emma had given him and uses it wisely. Defeating this demon. At the moment of his defeat Nicks skin clears, all scratches are gone, the souls Al once tourtured are released to heaven and he can be normal again. Forbidding anyone to go near that well ever again. Al is not dead, but he is a rest.

  15. Sword art online
    By Reki Kawahara
    Sword art online is a book that is categorized under action drama and romance. It is about a teen named Kirigia Kazuto he lives in Japan and in plain terms is a geek he was addicted to the new online vrmmorpg. Vrmmorpg stands for virtual online multi million role playing games it is played over the internet vie the brandy new nervegear it is basically a Minnie nerve scanner it puts users in a comatose state they are unconscious and unable to feel anything at all.
    Now Kirito is a Bata tester he was in the Bata test for the new game Sword Art Online or SAO for short and Nervegear. At the beginning of this story he is getting ready for the big launch of SAO. When he logs in he has already set up his character from the Bata test now he knows his way around from the Bata test so he starts funning to the nearest field and un knowingly catches the eye of another player who calls out to him and Kirito stops and asks what’s up the players name is Klein he was not part of the Bata test but has played other games so he knows what to look for when making friends he needed a guide so he kind of used Kirito to learn and get an edge on the other players by simply knowing his way around Kirito takes him into the field where he can fight monsters or mob for short the mob they find is a bore a simple monster easy to beat in most games but SAO is not like most games it relies on the players actual skill and hand-eye coordination Klein plainly put gets his butt kicked but dos not die Kirito draws the attention and switches a way to fight in a party or group after the fight they move on tell about 5:30 when Klein has to log out he makes this attempt and can’t find out how Kirito explains how and tries himself and is unsuccessful the only way to escape the game is threw the log out sequence in the background they hear church bell ring and are teleported to the town square and are not alone all 10000 players seem to be there vie the same reason [forced teleport] something that is mostly ban in games because it interferes with players and the way they play so most people think it is just an event for being the only people who were lucky and got to play a huge man in a mantle is floating in the air. The GM or game master plainly explains that the log out not being there was not a glitch or problem but a feature of the game and that players are not allowed to stop playing it the people in real life attempt to remove the nervegear the system will send a powerful microwave to the brain and kill the player to prevent this the GM has sent over the news many warnings but 100 people thought it was a joke and tried it thus killing over 100 people and Avatars or in game characters and that the only way to leave is to beat the game, all 100 floors and clams the castle on top.

  16. Speak
    Laurie Halse Anderson
    This book is about a girl named Melinda Sordino. Melinda went to a senior party during the summer. While she was at the party .While she’s at the party Andy Evans raped her. After that happened Melinda called the police. The police came and broke up the party. Everyone thought she called the police for that to happen. No one knew what really happened. When school started everyone made fun of her and calling her a snitch. Melinda didn’t really have any friends because of what happened at the party. The only friend Melinda had been a new student. The new students name was Heather. Throughout the year Melinda skips and fails classes. The only class Melinda did well in and liked was art. That was the only class where she could get away from everyone and just be herself. Melinda finally thought she was ready to tell someone what actually happened at the party. When Melinda told people they didn’t believe her and then everyone heard about it in school. Now everyone is making fun of her calling her a liar. When Melinda finds out her ex-friend Rachel goes out with Andy Evans, she wanted to tell her know her self what he did to her, but like everyone else she didn’t believe her. At the end of the story Andy Evans found Melinda and tells her why is she telling everyone a lie about him and he’s just pretending he didn’t do anything to her. Andy says Melinda is jealous of Rachel because she goes out with him. Andy was pushing Melinda around and she broke a mirror behind her. The glass fell everywhere, she graves a piece of glass on the floor and outs it to Andy Evans neck. While all that was happing some of the girls from the lacrosse team find them. That when everything stopped and the whole truth came out about what happened at the party.

  17. Melinda: is the main character. She is the girl that everything bad happens to. She is a freshman and has no friends in the beginning of the book. Rachel: was one of Melinda’s best friends in middle school. She stopped talking to her when everyone said she was lying. Andy Evans: was the boy who raped Melinda and goes out with Rachel. Heather: was the new girl in school in school. She didn’t have any friends until she met Melinda. Mr. Freemen: was Melinda’s art teacher. Art was Melinda’s favorite subject. That was the class where she could get away from everyone talking bad about her.
    The story mainly takes place in school. That’s where Melinda has to deal with all the negative attention. And that’s where Melinda gets away from all the bad things that have happened to her. The party is one of the other main places because that’s where she raped by Andy Evans. Melinda never really liked being at her house because she would have to deal with her parents. There were a lot of conflicts in the story. Like everyone not believing her about what happened at the party. Melinda getting raped was one of the main conflicts. And Melinda just having to go through all that and not having anyone to talk to.
    The theme of the story is Melinda not telling people about what happened at the party and her keeping it to herself the whole time. The author tells the story by showing how a young girl has to handle a lot of bad things at her age. Which is hard, it’s not the easiest thing for a young girl to go through. There is a good style to the story. Melinda is the kind of girl who lets people talk about her and doesn’t do anything about it because she doesn’t have time and doesn’t see it worth her time. She is a good person that just had bad things happened to them.

  18. A Prayer for Owen Meany

    By: John Irving

    Coming from Toronto, Canada in 1987, John Wheelwright narrates the story of his childhood. Adding on to his narrative with frequent diary entries in which he adds up his outrage against the behavior of the Ronald Reagan administration in the late 1980s, Wheelright tells the story of his early life in Gravesend, New Hampshire, when his best friend was Owen Meany, who he remembers as the boy who accidentally killed Wheelwright's mother and made Wheelright believe in God.

    The significance of the title in the overall work, is that John relives his lifelong side Owen Meany through a prayer. Throughout the novel, Johns also prays to God and begs for his friend back. The novel occurred in Gravesend, New Hampshire in the years 1952-1968 and also took place in Toronto, Canada in 1987. John grew up in New Hampshire while the book was in the process of being created.

    In this book, John has a very hard thing on his back. He has to overcome and realize that life is not an everlasting thing and eventually comes to an end. No matter what, every single person walking on planet earth will cross deaths path. Another struggle in life is the fight in what we believe in. In this book, it is the fight about religion. Through their life, they were at a constant battle with thoughts and ideas about their personal beliefs and the beliefs of others. In a way, this book teaches that no matter what may go on, always stick to your beliefs.

    In the novel Owen Meany is the main character who refers to himself as the “Instrument of God.” He is John Wheelwrights best friend. Owen is responsible for John not going to war and John’s conversation about Christianity. John Wheelright is the narrator of this story. He is basically considered Owens other half, that’s how close they are. John helps Owen finally come to realize his destiny and spends much time searching for his dad after Owen accidentally kills his mother with a badly hit ball. Johns mother goes by the name of Tabby Wheelright. She was the victim of Owens foul ball and also the reasoning for Owen’s belief that he is “God’s instrument.”
    by mark choinski

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